IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013

Home Monitoring On Cell phone

    MobiWatcher.com redefines the way to use your mobile device, and provides a platform for you to
     stay in touch visually with what is important or interesting to you. 

     MobiWatcher.com enables you to 

          • Monitor and control your home,  store, office or any important place 
          • Receive or  delegate visual surveillance alerts in case of emergency 
          • View real time traffic cameras or other intereting spots submitted by other members
          • Share real time event with your family members, co-works or friends 
     Directly from your cell phone, or from PC, of course.

     MobiWatcher.com is an open home monitoring platform supporting any wireless service provider, any 
     WAP enabled cell phone  and any type of video capture 
     device no matter it is standalone network Camera or PC based web cam. 

     Find out How does Home Monitoring from cell phone work   
     Please check our  Solutions  and  Advantages.                         
Applications: MobiWatcher Service Can Be Applied to Many Situations

Residential -- Home Monitoring On Cell Phone

  • Replacement of or addition to existing security system
  • Emergency assistant of Seniors or disablities
  • Monitor the kids or events on ongoing 

Small Business -- Digital Surveillance

  • Afforable Network DVR, digital video recording system which storing video remotely in internet
  • Monitor  cash register , loading dock, lobby or on site project
  • Managing employee more efficiently
  • Remote training

Real Estate -- Real time Monitoring

  • Monitor vacant home on market
  • Find out who is showing property
  • Control lights in vacant house


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