IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013

Main Features of Home Monitoring on Cell Phone

Remote Storage Snapshots and videos are stored remotely in our servers. Even if the camera itself is missing, the evidence is still stored in our servers.
Multi-Alarm Triggers Support different alarm triggers, motion detection, door/windows sensor, IR sensors, fire/smoke/CO sensors and manual trigger.
Emergency Assistant Along with our package, there is a remote control which can be used as an emergency assistant for the disabled, seniors or children.
Configurable Accessbility If you need to share the camera with others, it is highly configurable how, who and when to access the camera to protect your privacy. You can set who can view the camera, in what time,  and how long the camera can be accessed.
Open Platform Support any IP camera, web cam , cell phone and service provider.
Snapshot On Demand  Snapshots can be retrieved from PC or Cell phone for  remote home monitoring
Real Time Video Watch real time video from browser in 25fps
Multi Alert  Receivers Alerts can be sent to unlimited receivers at the same time.
Alerts Delegation When you are not available, alerts can be delegated to other people during a specific time period, in which delegatees can access your camera and view the monitored place temporarily. After the time period passed, all delegatees can not aceess the camera.
Free Service Avaiable Our basic service is completely free.
Easy to Set up Our setup wizards makes our service very easy to use for   all users.
Easy to use Turn on/off alarm, refresh snapshot, turn on/off FTP directly on your cell phone in just 2 or 3 clicks.
Free Traffic and Spot watchers More than 4000 traffic cameras are available directly from your cell phone.

Service Plans for Home Monitoring on Cell Phone

Comparasion MobiWatcher  Free MobiWatcher  Premium
Monthly Charge No Applied
Remote Monitor/Snapshot Yes Yes
Alerts notification Yes Yes
Alerts Delay Yes No
Alerts History No Yes
Snapshot Storage 10M 100M
Scheduled Job No Yes
Network DVR( Record Flash video remotely) No Yes
*** All service plans come with no equipment.

What Do You Need to Use Service of Home Monitoring on Cell Phone 
Check out our Home Monitoring form cell package

Our website You need to log into our website to config the IP camera, web cam, manage your profile and other important tasks. No need to download or install any software.
Mobile Client
MobiWatacher mobile Client You need to download a Java program  and install it into your mobile device. Mobile client  can be Download Here
Mobile Device A physical device to operate. If you do not have a mobile device, you can still use  our website for some specific functions, such monitoring your home,receive alerts and control your home. You need to purchase a mobile device from any wireless carriers.
Video Capture  Device (Choose any one out of 2 options)
    1.IP Camera Standalone video capture equipment. A computer is not requried in running at the monitored spot. Highly portable and reliable. In order to send alarm. IP Camera must support FTP or motion detection.
    2.Web Cam+Computer Most people use it as a video capture device  before IP Camera came out. It is highly configurable and powerful. Follow the instruction to configurate your home-brew system.
Other Security Gadgets Door sensor, window sensor,motion detector,smoke detector,fire detector .Depends on Video Capture device, you need to integrate them with your alarm system. Our Plug-N-Play package includes most of them and was integrated with IP Camera.
Internet Connection You need this in most situation. If there is no internet connection.
*** Install and config the whole system can be very tricky sometimes.
If you do not have a video capture device yet, consider our pre-configured  Plug-N-Play package.
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