IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013

Home Monitoring on Cell Phone Package


Network Alarm Camera System With Integrated Sensor Receiver
Description: The first network camera (IP Camera,aka) in the market

1. with alarm features integarted directly into camera itself. It contains a  wireless radio receiver inside to pick up the alarm signal sent by wirelss radio senders, such smoke or fire  detector, motion detectors, window or door sensors. When those detectors or sensors are triggered, the camera will upload the real time snapshot to server.

2. with pre-event function. It works very smartly to upload the still images taken 5 seconds prior to the trigger event to server.Remote control make it very easy to arm or disarm this camera.
Lens Number: Only one lens
Network Interface: Ethernet   OR  WIFI
Snapshot storage: Local flash card; Uplaod to server.
Night Vision: Yes.
Supported wireless sensor: Smoke detector, CO detector,Fire detector, Windows sensor,Door sensor,Motion detector
  • 1 Network Camera
  • 2 Remote Controls 
  • 1 DV adaptor
  • 1 Cat-5 cable
  • 1 wireless motion detector 
  • 1 wireless door sensor 
Alarm  Triger: Sensor singal; Manually;Motion detection;
Alerts  notification: FTP; Email;SMS
Main Features:
  • Easy to  install and config
  • Precise alert triger and notification
  • Pre-event snapshots
  • Good night vision feature enable clear snapshot in low light condition
  • Easy to arm and disarm with remote control
  • Non line of sight alarm.(sensors can triger alarm even it is not in the line of sigh of camera)
  • Free Self Monitoring service available for DIY



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primarycomputer Tel:403-277-0566
We are looking for resellers to promote our service and products  in North Amercia. Please contact us if interested.
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