IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
MobiWatcher  Services
By default, all services except "Mobiwatcher for Security Premium" are available immediately to all registered user fro free.
Service Description  Prerequisites 
Which turns the cell phone as Remote Monitor and Surveillance Alarms.

Complete digital surveillance system provides viewable  real time security solution working together with other equipment.

Alway stay in touch with something important to you and get visual alerts in case of emergency, and directly view the real time snapshot right in cell phone.

*  Two kinds of service  for security: free and premuim.
Cell phone
MobiWatcher Client*
Video capture device**
Optional Internet connection
Optional security gadgets
Empower user to use cell phone as X10  Remote Control.

Remotely control the lights, appliances or other electric device through cell phone.
Cell phone
MobiWatcher Client
MobiWatcher X10 Controller***
Watch  snapshot of  the real time traffic, your favourite spots where expose video to public,  web cams from public service department or other source. Cell phone
MobiWatcher Client
*    MobiWatcher Client is a Java program to install in mobile device.
**  Video Capture device can be IP Camera or regular Web Cam+Computer
*** MobiWatcher X10 Controller is HTTP to X10 bridge to transfer HTTP message to industry X10 siginal to control power on and off
Hardware That  MobiWatcher Supports
MobiWatcher is designed to support any video capture device.
However, if you do not ahve any video device, we strong suggest to conside one of our pre-baked Plug-N-Play packages, which are well tested and configurated with our service.Clecik here to Check Plug-N-Play packages
Check the supported devices here:Supported Device List
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