IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
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  • Landline:the telephone line in the monitored spot
  • Broadband:high speed internet through DSL or Cable
  • Local alarm:alarm in the the monitored spot only
  • Alert Notification:alert sent to phone, cell phone if alarming
  • Local snapshot :taken snapshot is stored locally around the monitored spot
  • Upload Snapshot :taken snapshot is sent to cellphone or server
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 Product NameBrief DescriptionRequire LandlineRequire BroadbandMonthly PaymentLocal AlarmAlert NotificationStore Snapshot LocallyUpload Snapshot
Flash DVR Standalone Wireless Flash DVR. Real time monitoring, snapshoting and video recording. When motion deteted, snapshot is taken or video is recorded. Up to 2G flash memory or 30K snapshot. It supports up to 4 cameras.No alarm. No alert.
Wireless Surveillance Camera Wireless Surveillancing Network camera with integrated alarm module. Except for the functions of standard network camera, it can receive alerts from unlimited wireless sensor like door sensor, window sensor , smoke detector.
Network Video Server Standalone network video server supports up to 4 cameras.Motion detection for security
Wired video Camera Wired Camera
Cordless video Camera Cordless Video Camera
Door Sensor Door Sensor
Motion detector Motion Detector
Remote Control Remote Control for alarm camera
WebIO X10 Module Webio is a http to X10 controller. It convert http request to X10 command to control X10 device through powerline. The built-in temparture sensor can be read throught Http request.
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