IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
Quick Watcher which turns your cell phone to a quick watcher on demand
  • Service
Conveniently watch the real time traffic, public places with accessiable web cams, and other interesting spots, such like, hotel, airport, retaurant,  with leaglly  exposed video entry points.
  • Main Features
Watch your favarites spots on cell phone as you will.
  • Monthly Charge
 No monthly fee.
  • Interface
This service is free to all user and comes with web interface and MobiWatcher client.
***This service  comes with no equipment.
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What Do You Need to Use MobiWatcher for Control Service     
Our website You need to log into our website to config the IP camera, web cam, manage your profile and other important tasks. No need download or install any software.
Mobile Client
MobiWatacher Client A Java program you need to download and install into your mobile device. It can be download here.
Mobile Device A physical device to operate. If you do not have mobile device, you can still use  our website for some specific functions, such monitoring your home,receive alerts and control your home. You need to purchase from any wireless carriers.
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