IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
Why Mobile and Why MobiWatcher for Home Monitoring via Cell Phone

We do only one thing: build a platform for mobile user to monitor and control whatever important to them, and make it open for any wireless carrier, any mobile device, and any IP Camera or web cam.

Many cell phones can directly browse web site, and access picture email, why we need a mobile client to install in cell phone and such a kind MobiWatcher service. The reasons are many:

Without MobiWatcher With MobiWatcher
It is not easy to use a computer based web cam as a mobile enabled security system. MobiWatcherClient, our standalone application, makes web cam integrated with our service in less 5 minutes.
Hard to stream web cam to web browser and mobile device. MobiWatcherClient stream your web camera to web browser and to your cell phone.
It is hard to set up a standalone IP camera for regular user. MobiWatcherClient setup wizward and MobiWatcher.com make set up easy for most parts.
Most content in web site are not designed and constructed for mobile client. Not mobile user friendly. MobiWatcher.com is designed for mobile device from the very begining
Some wireless carriers  block the link to outside multi-media files for their business reasons.For example, you may get a gateway time out issue when you directly connect to a IP Camera for some wireless carriers. MobiWatcher opens a url and treats all multi-media fils as network stream.
Somethimes, type a full URL in cell phone is too hard and tedous, no fun at all. Mobiwatcher stores your favorite spots and any spots are 2 or 3 clciks away.
Many pictures are too large or too vivid for mobile user to show whole picture in cell phone if they are not processed. MobiWatcher will compress the images and send to you in the exactly same size and color deep as your cell phone support, no more and no less. It will save the bandwidth and save money for you.
Picture and identity information is send as it Mobiwatcher encrypted images and identity information during the transportation.
Many IP cameras do not store snapshot automatically. Mobiwatcher saves snapshots in our server.
Many IP cameras have motion detection feature and can send alerts out to user, however, they are not smart enought to do that. They can send lots of unnecesssary alerts, for example, 20 SMS for a single motion trigger. Mobiwatcher will monitor and filter alerts and send only one alert in a reasonable time period.
Many IP Camera are designed to work for home users and not reliable as comerical grade. There is no way to do a scheduled job, for example, reboot camera, or turn on/off alarm at given time. User can schedule Mobiwatcher to send signal to camera or other party as scheduled.
For a regular IP Camera or web cam, it is no way to send alerts to different people in case you are not available and let the alert receivers temporarily view your home  in a reasonable time period.  Mobiwatcher let your trusted people to receive alerts and to view the the monitored spot temporarily in case of alerts via alerts delegation. How long you leave for them to view is fully configurable.
Many organizations block most of outgoing ports for security reason so that your IP Camera or web cam maybe is not accessible via uncommon ports. MobiWatcher is always accessible from anywhere by a regular HTPP request.
Why Open Is So Important
We are not the only one to let users view snapshots in cell phone, but we are the only to make it OPEN.

After abstracting common interface layer from different manufactures,  we treat all video capture devices  in no different way. Web Cam, IP camera, Mobile device or other source are the same to us if they are submitted to us.

Open is flexiable, is user defined and extensible.You do not need  to buy a specific web cam or IP camerat o use our service so that reduce the cost of ownership.
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