Mobiwatcher provides a method to monitor what important for users on the mobile device. After about 7 years focusing on this area and spent tons of time and effort to make it is easy to use for our end user.However, the most challenge currently we face is the firewall issue and dynamic IP issue.
Given the platform transforming from desktop PC to mobile device, there is even more challenge than before. When using in desktop environment, the router is usually controlled by end user so that he can open a port or configure a port forwarding becuse those router is physically accessible by end user. However, the user in mobile network is not so lucky, because the firewall configuration is out of any end user's control in case the traffice is blocked by service provider. The user can live in a big local area network which use a totally interal IP inside a carrier, it is no way for end user to access such configuration.
That is a challenge when stallionlimo in san francisco bay area need to monitor the fleet with cell phone by the dispatcher. The monitor is not on the locatio of each limo because it is kind of easy. The requirement is to visually monitoring the limousine when it is parking inside a gated parking lot. If there is anybody open the door, an alerts need to be sent to receivers for notification, and sametime, need to take picture as evidence.
Of course, there is no need the monitor the limos when it is in city tour or wine tour, or providing a wedding service, so the alerta need to be turned off when it is service.
We need to create an android app in a drvier's cell phone, it will get notificaiton if the location is changing so that applicaiton detects the moving and shut off alerting service. When app detected the stop it will arm the system and send alerts to cell phone when it senses the motion or viberation.
User Review:

A tool can open car window to escape is quite useful.I got a couple of these a coupld weeks back after watching a Mythbusters episode about submerged cars. For my wife the unit is small and easily added to here key ring. I hung mine from the seatbelt in my car. I had some tempered glass laying around my garage, so I gave it a quick try. It worked as expected. With just a little bit of pressure the glass was punctured and immediately shattered. Drupal user

The tool is called resqme. almost 10 bucks from amazon.While the Mini Escape tool is small enough to fit in a pocket, it could be bulky on a keychain. I like to keep my accessories to a bare minimum, so I'd prefer it in a smaller formfactor. I've already noted the problem with the keyring mounting position. The quality of the plastic is very good and the blade hook is reinforced well. I'm giving it a 3.5, rounding down for the weak keyring placement. Tommy .H

Although I have a bunch of things on my keychains, I've decided to start carrying this. People make fun of me, but that one time you need such a tool, whether inside your vehicle or someone else's, this could save lives. The punch is powerful and, unlike a standard metal punch that needs your force to break glass, this spring-loaded one is sure to work. I tested it, but not on glass, and it springs powerfully..Great tool

I bought four of these after an unfortunate auto/drowning incident near my house. I am a trained medic, and thought these would be a good idea for the family. Until I tested it on a 1996 Honda door window. TOTAL FAIL!!! It did nothing to the window. I emailed ResQQMe. They sent me some bs email about how they would love to hear my story. Until I told them that their product didn't work. then, they never emailed me again. No offer to fix, replace or refund. As a medic, i would suggest getting a spring loaded center punch and a good pocket knife; keep both in the glove box. .sull J

I am a volunteer firefighter in South Jersey and I was hesitant to order this window punch because its made of plastic and I wasn't sure it would hold up well, but because it was relatively inexpensive I took a chance. This thing met and exceeded all my expectations! During a recent drill I used this repeatedly on multiple vehicles and it worked flawlessly. It reset itself every time, and it took very little effort to "pop". It has a "quick release" ring that clips to my coat for easy access with or without gloves. The only negative is the seat belt cutter is too small to really be effective. Other than that, its more than worth the price. Resqme Jim S.

My firefighter coworker recommended I purchase this item. I bought one, liked it and bought one for each of my family members. It is small enough that I keep it on my keychain, and easy to pull off in case of an emergency. Never know when it might save your life! M.A.

This was very cheaply made. The back piece that your supposed to be able to quickly remove from your keychain had to be pried out, which in turn damaged the blade used to cut the seat belt. Calvin W.

This is a "just in case" safety item since we have electric windows and doors. Looks like it should work and is small so it doesnt take up much space. Jack C.

Worth every penny, this product is affordable and durable. It's a must have for your key chain. The seat beat cutter is razor sharp and the spring loaded glass breaker is very easy to use. I would recommended this product to everyone. Steve P

Let me start by saying this thing works and well. I was kind of unsure when I bought it how well it works, and I always do my homework via reviews and my own method of buy no buy process, needles to say when I got it, the first thing I did is test it on a piece of metal, and it left a dent. The resqme wil definitely break glass in an emergency, and it is reusable and has a covered blade for cutting seatbealts, however, one has to pull the cover off in order to get to it, and the way to do that is attach it to a keychain and pull. Let me also say that this is an excedllant EDC device for that special emergency or any other need that may arise. I would highly recommend this to anyone for both EDC and emergency use, 5 stars in my book. Jeff C.

I have not used this device. I have not tested it nor fantasized about events leading to it being in my possession. It is on my key ring and I hope it stays there. In life, I can only strive to maintain control of my vehicle away from a watery grave and this item helps me in that goal. A goal all of us would be safe to share. Buy one and don't be a statistic in your local newspaper...PLEASE friend.George M.

Like most other reviewers, I haven't actually used this to escape from a sinking vehicle, so I will comment on the other features. I have tested it on a piece of cardboard, and it did put a hole in the cardboard. However, this obviously does not demonstrate whether or not it can break a window. Tom S.

There are many different tools out there for breaking car windows and cutting seatbelts. If you have one of those knifes that can do all those things I'm sure it would work if you could find it in the middle of you car flipping over two or three times. The glove compartment and side compartments will be a mess. I was a police officer for several years and in addition to the mess remember that the airbag in your car is going to be hitting you at 150 MPH and if your not knocked out you will be dazed. This device has been bought by over a million people and it hangs from your key chain. It pulls right off to be used right away and the international yellow should help if your fuzzy looking for things. One important thing is that it is made to deal with shatter proof glass which many are not. The bottom line is this is suppose to be the best out there and if I wasted my money I hope I did it wisely. Sharon T.

I became aware of this product through Amazon's targeted advertising. My first thought was, "oh one of those things that they say you need to break your windows if your car ever gets trapped underwater." I don't ever anticipate this happening, but if it were to happen, I will be ready. I see this product having more use in the event of a vehicle rollover, where you needed to get out of the car quickly and are trapped. The unit separates from the key chain with a pull. One slice of the seat belt and a punch to the window and you're out of the car. Worth $10 for sure. Plus, I think it makes for a better key chain anchor than the stupid things most people have on their key chains. Ryan H