IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
Welcome to MobiWatcher Live Help

You are going to download mobiwatcher live help Agent, which is simple client run during the current session to let our support staff access your computer temporarily.

It won't install anything or change anything in your computer. It will automatcially remove itself after the connection is closed.

Steps To Connect Mobiwatcher Live Help 
Please follow the steps below to connect to mobiwatcher live help
Step 1 Download the agent. Please Click Here to Download 

Step 2 File download Dialog shown as following, please click Run button

Step 3 Agent will be download to your computer, and a security warning may popup. Please click Run button

Step 4
Agent Launched, and may automatically connect to our server. If it is not automatically connected, the following window will show up and please double click "Internet Live Support" to connect with our support staff  as following :
Please be advised not to be surprised when your mouse is controlled remotely by our support staff. It only happens in current session, and it will be automatically closed by itself after support session finish, and gone from your computer.
Everything you need live support, you need to go through from step 1. We do not install anything in your computer.
Steps To Connect Mobiwatcher Live Help 
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