IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
Any Network Camera Any Web Camera Any Wireless Carrier Any WAP Enabled Mobile Device No Computer Required

Home Monitoring From Cell Phone

What Do You Need to Use MobiWatcher Service?

In order to view real time snapshot of your home, receive alerts of motion detection or sensor triggered, and real time traffic in our web site, you need a
  • Web Cam or Network Camera
If you need do same as above in your cell phone, of course you need a
  • Mobile device such as cell phone or PDA
If you want to control the appliance in your home, you need a
  • X10 Controller
Of course, if you do not want view real time snapshot or control your home, you need nothing to use our service.
How Does it Work?
Live video or snapshots are recorded by the Camera or web Cam in the monitored spot  in case of any  the following 3 happens:
  • Sensor triggered. Like doors or windows are breaking, and sensors are triggered.
  • Motion detection. Many IP cameras and web cams have such function
  • Manually operated. Some device comes with remote to mannually trigger surveillance system. It is extremely useful for sensors, children or in emergency.
Snapshots are upload to MobiWatcher server so that users can investigate later on
Depends on user's setting, alerts may be sent out as email or Short Message to cell phone
Users can check real time snapshots from our website or from their cell phone
Users can disarm, re-arm the surveillance system from our website or from their cell phone, or report to 911 after they check snapshot or recorded snapshots.
Users can actively view real time snapshots on demand anytime, or control the aplliance from our web site or cell phone.
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