IP based, mobile enabled and viewable home monitoring and surveillance system
Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
Steps to Set up Account To Watch Real Time Traffic on Cell Phone
Become a MobiWatcher memeber
It is free to register. Account is required to keep track your visiting, manage your device and store your setting.
Choose the traffic cam or interesting spots
Log into our web site and add traffic cam or interesting spots as your favorites
Install MobiWatcher for mobile to your mobile device
Go to download page to download MobileWatcher for mobile and install into your mobile device in the way your mobile device requires, or directly input the following URL in the mobile browser address http://mobiWatcher.com/MobiWatcher.jad  so that your mobile device will automatcially install our mobile client.

After mobile client installed, run update profile in mobile device with your log in user name and password you registered in MobiWatcher.com, you can view real time trafficon  cell phone.
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