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Recent Update: Feb 20, 2013
5 Simple Steps to Stream Web Cam to Cell Phone or Internet in 5 Minutes
Download MobiWatcher Client
Stream web cam to cell phone  is  available currently  only on windows platform.
Click here to download free software to stream web cam now
Install MobiWatcher Client
Run downloaded program and install mobiwatcher client in your computer.
Launch MobiWatcher Client
Click Mobiwatcher Client in your desktop to lauch client. The setup wizard will show up.
Set up your device following set up wizard
Following the set up wizard, you can easily install our client in your computer, and start to stream your web cam to cell phone and browser  immediately. web cam is streamed to mobile phone or internet in live video.
Install MobiWatcher  for mobile to your mobile device (optional)
If you need to stream your web cam to your cell phone, pelase go to download page to download MobileWatcher for mobile and install into your mobile device in the way your mobile device requires, or directly input the following URL in the mobile browser

http://mobiWatcher.com/MobiWatcher.jad  so that your mobile device will automatcially install our mobile client.

After mobile client installed, run update profile in mobile device with your log in user name and password you registered in MobiWatcher.com.

You are all set, and are able to access your web cam, view real time video,  and view recorded snapshots,  receive alerts,  turn on and off alert notification righ in your mobile device.
*** Please remember to keep this program running if you need to access the web cam from our web site or your mobile device
View a Video of how to set up Web Cam with Mobiwatcher here 
Port Forwarding For Your Web Cam

MobiWatcher Client will try to configurate portforwarding in your router so that your web cam is accessible from internet.  In most case, it can be automatically configurated.

However, if  portfowarding can not be set up in your router, you need to manually configurte it. Otherwise, your cam is not visible from outside.

If you have problem to config your router for port forwarding, please visit Portforwarding.com, which provides plenty of information for how to forward port in the router. 
Note for Security
We  take the security as our first concern  as many users do when stream web camera to cell phome for live video. The following approachs help to  protect our user's privacy and safety when using our service: 
  • Mobiwatcher use 128 bits SSL to protect the communication channel between  our site and user's browser 
  • Web service between mobiwatcher client and our web site is encrypted
  • Mobiwatacher Client only accept connection initializing from our domain
  • The opened port only enabled when our program is running. When it closes, the port is close too.
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