MobiWatcher Mobile Client User Guide

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Launch MobiWatcher Mobile Client
Update Profile
Snapshot And Live Video
Recorded Images
Control X10 Appliance
Security Setting
Traffic Cam
Security Note

MobiWatcher Mobile Client is a Java midlet that you can install into your cell phone and provides the following functions directly in cell phone:


There is two methods to install MobiWatcher mobile client into your cell phone:
  1. Download mobile client to your computer then install into your cell phone following the instruction of you mobile device how to install Java application. Click Here to download MobiWatcher Mobile Client
  2. If your cell phone and service provider support OTA (Over-The-Air) installation, you can type the following URL in the mobile  browser in your cell phone to install MobiWatcher Mobile Client directly:

    After the program installed into your device, please run 'Update Profile' first to synchronize your device with mobiWatcher system

Launch MobiWatcher Mobile Client

Go to the Java Application folder in your cell phone, and click MobiWatcher. It will launch MobiWatcher Mobile Client as following:

The ways to launch Java application vary depending on mobile device and the following screen shot may differ than yours.

Launch MobiWatcher mobile clientMobiWatach mobile client Main Menu

Update Profile

The first step you need to take is to update profile so that your setting with mobiWatcher will download to cell phone.

Click the Update Profile item in the very bottom to update your profile:

Input user name and passwordprofile updated

Type in the user name and password you are used to log into website, then click update button(right soft button in your cell phone). After it show updated successfully, press OK button to return to main menu.

After profile is updated successfully, you are ready to use mobile client.

You may be prompted for permission to connect to internet, click Yes, and updating will start.

When do you need to update profile

Snapshot And Live Video

Click Live Snapshot in main menu, you will get a list of device you currently have with

Choose deviceSnapshotStream video

Select the device you need to operate on and click OK button.

Snapshot will be retrieved from your camera with timestamps.

Click refresh button, there will be different behavior depends on your camera
  1. If the live video is not supported from camera, it will display another real time snapshot with new timestamps.
  2. If the live video is supported  from camera, a stream video will play back in your cell phone and you can click stop to stop stream video.
Click Back to return to Main Menu. All Web cams and most IP Camera can be streamed to cell phone

Recorded Images

Choose Recorded Images item in main menu to check history snapshots.

You still need to choose which device you need to view if you have more than one device registered.

Recorded snapshot with timestampsInvalid snapshots

After choose device and click OK button, snapshot will show in cell phone.

If you got some snapshot like above with message like out of memory, it means this snapshot is a half in the process of uploading from your camera. It can be safely ignored.

When history snapshot is showing in screen, you can press number 6 to navigate to another older stored snapshot, and press 4 to navigate to newer snapshots.

Snapshots are sorted by creation time, the newest snapshot will show first.

Security Setting

Select Security Setting item in main menu, you can use some security functions:
  When FTP is turned off, alarm function will be turned off automatically, but if FTP is turn on, alarm will not turn on automatically.
Security settingoperation finished

Control X10 Appliance

Click Control Device in main menu, you can control X10 Appliance.
Control X10 Appliance  - select applianceControl X10 Appliance Finished

When there is X10 Controller  installed with you device, you will be asked to choose a device, after choose device, all X10 appliance will  be listed for you to operate.

Just click each item to tun it on or off.

Currently only on or off operations are supported for X10 Controller.

Traffic Cam

You can view real time traffic cam by choose Traffic Cam item in main menu, and click OK button.
There will be a list of traffic cams you picked up and save to your favorites in mobiWatcher web interface. It you never use mobiWatcher web interface to manage your favorite traffic cams, there will be no traffic cam list.

Click here to manage favorite traffic cam

Click here for more information for traffic cam

Security Note

MobiWatcher take the security and privacy of our user as the first concerns and do our best to protect our users.

We only open connection to my domain.
We encrypt the data we send to and from mobile client
We only store your cell # and email in our system. No personal information
We will not disclose the data collected from our user to any third parties
We do not manufacture any IP camera or Web Cam so we do not have any control for the security of the end device but we do use available  security features the end device provides.


Please visit MobiWatcher Forum for updated troubleshooting tips.