MobiWatcher User Manual

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Set Up
Remote Monitor
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Log In

Type the user name and password into Login Page

Register Membership

Click Register at the upper right corner to register membership. It is free and instant accessible.

 User Name is unique in mobiwatcher system. When pick up your user name. you can click button to check the user availability.

The Cell Number is only used to receive alerts notification as SMS, if you do not provide cell phone number, you won't be able to get alerts notification in case there is emergence in monitored spot.

Set Up

Windows Platform

It is strongly recommended to use MobiWatcher Client to  set up and configurate your device. 

Detail please see help in MobiWatcher Client

Non-Windows Platform

Please use mobiWatcher web interface to setup your device. A video is available for instruction

Remote Monitor

Most functions related to home monotoring and control can be found under Remote Monitor in mobiwatcher web site. It will be  the most visited page in

When click Remote Monitor menu, you will be required to log into with your user name and password if you are not log in.

All functions listed in Remote Monitor are device related. The modification in this page only affects the device you select.

Choose Device                                                                                                                                

Under Remote Monitor menu, there are some important functions. You will find all devices you have with MobiWatcher will list in the drop down list at the left after the word Choose . Please select one device you are going to operating on, if you have more than one device in the system. Above is a example that a device called MyCamd is selected by user.

Select device from drop down list  is the first step.

Live Video & Snapshot                                                                                                                  


Live Video  tab will be selected by default when entering Remote Monitor menu. icon player icon

3.snapshot or video panel

4.Auto fresh button


The left panel is all cameras and right panel is snapshots or video.

When a device is selected, all cameras for selected device will show in left panel. One device can have multi-cameras. There is only one camera for the above example.

There are two icons, a camera icon  and a movie player icon,beside each camera.

When you need to quick check the snapshot, click camera icon and snapshot will be retrieved by the camera in the monitored spot and shown in browser.

When you need to watch live video, click movie player icon , live video will be streamed in right panel if stream video is supported and available.

 You may not be able to watch stream video if you run across the following situations:

Please visit here for workaround Why there is no video

Device Control                                                                                                                              

Click Device tab under Remote Monitor menu, Device Control tab will be switched to as following:

In device control tab, you can do the following operation on selected device:

Turn  On/Off  Motion Detection: if the device supports motion detection, you can turn it on and off. Click   to turn off motion detection in device so that the device will be not triggered by motion; Click   to turn it on so that device can detect motion.

Turn  On/Off  FTP : FTP will upload snapshots to mobiwatcher server. Click   to turn FTP off so that the device will stop uploading snapshots to mobiWatcher server even though there is triggered event in monitored spot. Click   to turn FTP on so that device can upload snapshots to server in case of  event triggered.

Turn On/Off Alarm:  When event triggered in monitored spot, a alerts notification will be sent to user's cell phone as SMS. Click   to turn Alarm off so that mobiWatcher service will stop sending SMS to user there is triggered event in monitored spot. Click   to turn Alarm on so that mobiWatcher service will send SMS to user's cell phone in case of  event triggered.

 Some IP Cameras come with integrated alarm function. Please synchronized the alarms status with our server through above page. Easy way to synchronize the status is to click    once then click  once.

Alerts Delegation:  When you are not available, you can delegate alerts to somebody you trust so that they can view snapshots temporarily in case event triggered. Alerts delegation can be configured  device by device for who receive alerts and how long they can delegate.





 How does alerts delegation work?

When you friends add you as  an alerts delegatee with a duration of 10 minutes. When this alerts delegation is enabled and there is alert trigged by door sensor in you friend's home, you will get an alerts as SMS in your cell with a alert ID and a token. You can go to our web site  and click alert delegation image as below:

Then type alertID and token in the text box. You will allow to view the snapshots of your friend's camera for 10 minutes, which is your friend already configured. After 10 minutes from the moment of you get SMS from your cell phone, you can not view it any more.

 Alerts delegation only works under the following situations:

X10 Control                                                                                                                                     

Click Control tab beside Device Tab  with name Control, The X10 control tab is showing  as following:


Add X10 Appliance: input appliance name, house code and unit code in the the textboxes then click submit to create new X10 Appliance.

Control X10 Appliance: select the X10 appliance from the list, then click to turn if on and click to turn it off. Status is not support currently.

Remove X10 Appliance: select the X10 Appliance, then click  to remove this appliance.


Click Records tab to bring up recorded history snapshots and video tab as following:


There are two sections for records:

  1. Recorded video: It is a flash movie compressed from snapshots recorded in the past to provide user an easy way browsing history records for this device. Click on a flash link to open the movie in a new pop up window. Maximum 7 movies for each device.
  2. Recorded snapshots:  Initially, the snapshots are not showing, instead 2 dates are provided for you to pick up snapshots only for the time period you are interested. The default time span is 24 hours. Click  button to retrieve snapshot for the given time span. Move the mouse over thumbnail, a large image will show in left snapshot area. Click  and to navigate between snapshot pages. 


How does snapshots and video works?

Each user is granted a storage space depends on user's account type. When storage is full, camera or web camera can not upload snapshot to mobiWatcher server anymore, and alerts , alarm feature will be automatically disabled.

When storage for snapshots reach specific throld , mobiWatcher service will put all snapshots for this device together to produce a movie and delete all  snapshots to spare space for snapshots.


Click Storage tab to switch to Storage management tab, from where user can check percentage of storage occupied and how much space left for snapshots.

Total Quota is assigned by mobiWatch for you to store snapshots. 

Used Quota is percentage you used for the snapshots.

Delete Snapshots  You may find you already totally used the quota and your device can not upload snapshots anymore. In this case, you need to delete snapshots. Pick of the percentage from drop down list and click delete now button to delete the snapshots. You will notice the percentage of used Quota is changed too after you delete snapshots.



  you may need to know when you delete storage:

 Free User, please take care your storage. Alarm and alerts will be disabled completely if your storage is full. So if the device uploads snapshots too quickly and use out storage in very short time period, for example, in one or two hours, snapshots for this device may not get any change to be compressed to video and the space occupied by those snapshots never got reclaimed. You need manually detele snapshots.

 Why  is the storage for your device consumed so quick?

Please check the motion detection feature in your IP Camera or web cam. Reduce the sensitivity to decrease the amount of snapshots produced. 

Profile Edit

Profile page is provided for you to edit the account information and manage device. Click Profile to bring up Profile page as follow:

Use Name is unique crossing site, and can not changed after it is created.

Account Setting                                                                                                                          

Change you cell phone#, service carrier, password and email from this tab. Shown as above.


When you need to upgrade your device from free account to premium account, you need to click Service tab.See below:

Select the device to updrade then click Upgrade Selected Deivce to Premuim Service

Service,free or premium, is set on device level. You can  have some devices with free service and other device with premuim service at the same time in your account.

Main different between free and premium service can be found  here:


Scheduled Jobs                                                                                                                     

You can schedule some repeatly jobs for your device, such as reboot at some give time, or turn on/off alarm at given time.


The above is an example of reboot setting. Some IP cameras from some manufactures,  especially WiFi camera, are not very stable and can not running for a long time, give a reboot will increase reliability.

Select the camera from drop down list, check auto Reboot and give interval of how often you want reboot camera.

Other scheduled jobs will be available soon.

Synchronize IP                                                                                                                        

This function is for  update IP address when the IP of your camera is changed. Normally, you do not need to access this page. It is only used to update IP address when your IP camera is inaccessible because of ip changed.

You need to make sure the ip is changed, and make sure you are update for right device
Most important! Make sure you are sitting in the same place with the camera. The  camera and the  computer you are using the function is in a same network. If you can not physicially touch the comera, do not synchronize the ip, otherwise, you will update your camera with a wrong ip camera and make the camera inaccessible immediately.

Remove Device                                                                                                                            

Click Remove Device tab to switch to device management tab as following:

Select device you are going to removce and click Remove Device Now button to remove the device from MobiWatcher system permanently.

All snapshots and recorded video are permanently cleared. This operation is non-recoverable.

Traffic Watcher

Traffic Watcher is an interface provide for  users to 

Click Traffic Watcher from main menu from mobiEatcher website, the traffic cam page will show up as below:

When you open the page first time, there will be no item in My Favorite Traffic Cameras. You can add, subscrib or submit traffic cams here.

Find Traffic Cam
type the city name in the city input box, a pop up will show up and suggest the city names as you typing based on the letters you input. The above image shows the suggestion popup when user input 'cal' in the input area, and suggestion pop up list all cities currently in system, here, only calgary found. When a city is selected, all traffic cams in this city are listed in a grid as following:

Click  on any traffic cam, it will bring up the traffic camera snapshot for this location as below. Click the image again to  hide it.

Add traffic cam into favorites

Click  in  Action column to add the traffic cam into your own favorites so that you can view it from your mobile device.
After you click   on a traffic cam, this location will add into your favorites and the icon will be replace by  icon.

Click to remove in favorites grid to remove this traffic cam from your favorites.

Traffic cams have to be added into favorites in order to view those traffic cams in your cell phone.

Submit a new traffic camera

Input the location, url and source then click submit to submit this traffic camera into mobiWatcher system.

When the city is not showing, you can click icon beside city dropdown list to add new city for the selected region.



Please visit MobiWatcher Forum for updated troubleshooting tips.